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Fire Truck (#2361) 1988  Fire truck with rotating light and ringing bell.  Two section extension ladder, hydrant, yellow hoses, two firemen with white hats and hands, and Dalmatian dog.
ITEM #192
School Bus (#192) 1965.  Plastic base, plastic balloon wheels, drivers head turns side to side, eyes roll up and down. Seven passenger figures. Mint in Box
ITEM #192
Play Family Ferry Boat #932   1979-1980.  Boat floats and has wheels for floor play, double steering wheel and whistle on bridge, lower deck has a fold-down ramp and flip-up front and rear gates, one single and one two-passenger car, blue mom with blonde hair, orange dad, two yellow life preserves, and captain with dark blue body, mustache, and hat. Mint in box. 
Item #FP Box 932
Play Family Fire Station #928 with BOX   1980 - 1982.  Turn crank on side of fire station, fire door opens, and bell rings.  Chief's car, ambulance, fire truck with two hoses  and stabilizer bars, practice tower, two-road barricades, two-piece ladder, three fireman, two with red hats and one with white hat, and  dog.   Accessories come in original bag. Never Opened.
Item #FP Box 928
Play Family House #952  Masonite Base two-story house with yellow roof, staircase with closet and litho.    Round kitchen table with four chairs, two twin and one double beds (form missing on beds), two wing chairs and coffee table.  Single passenger car with hook, blue mom with blonde hair, green dad with heat stamped hair, orange boy with heat stamped hair, blue girl with blonde hair/braids, baby, 2 Grampa's and straight body dog.    Excellent condition.  Box has normal wear and picture is faded.   Includes - Nursery and Rider Set.   Base is nice.  Stickers in great shape. 
ITEM #FP Box 952/Yellow
Fisher Price #996 Airport Little People Airport 100% complete.  1972-1976
The base is very creative with a swing-out runway/concourse, a revolving luggage conveyor, a drive-up ramp, a control tower on the top, and a helicopter landing area. The helicopter landing area has a hand-turned crank that makes the helicopter blades spin, and makes a luggage conveyor belt turn.  Airport has no cracks or breaks~ complete litho's on top landing has some stains.  Has a jet with side door that opens and closes with ease No breaks or cracks has pull string. Accessories included are Helicopter, tug tractor, two baggage carts, jet fuel car, 2 passenger cars, 4 pieces of luggage-  6 little people -  man, woman, boy, girl, stewardess, helicopter pilot.  Original box - VERY RARE  Brown cardboard box that fits inside the main box.

Item #FP Box 996
Price $
125  SOLD
Play Family Village (#997)  Set includes:  two sections of village buildings, archway with traffic light, umbrella table and two chairs, barber chair, dentist chair, police car, mail truck, fire truck, car, mailman, policewoman, fireman, dentist, phone booth, girl, boy and dog. 1973-77   Original box - normal wear. 
ITEM #FP Box 997
Little People Floating Marine #2582 1988 - 1990.  Nine piece playset for the tub or pool.  Marina, row boat, red and white captain's boat, sea plane, life jacket, removable rotating light beacon, three figures: captain with beard, green girl with blonde hair, and orange boy with brown hair.  Excellent  condition.  Complete.
ITEM #FP Box 2582

Price $65  SOLD
Fisher Price Play Family School #923.  First Version.  Masonite base.  Teacher with desk and chair.  Four figures with old-style school desks, 2 boys and 2 girls.  Swing with teeter-totter, whirl-around, slide, chalk, eraser (no form),  alphabet tray with letters A through Z, and number tray with numbers 0 through 9.  Original box - normal wear. 
Item #FP Box 923
Price $85 SOLD
Fisher Price Play Family Sesame Street #937 Clubhouse.  1977-1979.  Fourteen piece playset.  Accessories included are attached tore swing, yellow  slide, two-seater red wagon, yellow cable drum figures clip in, red and black jump rope swing, red, yellow and blue, snap-together oil drums.  Big Bird, Grover, Bert, Ernie, The Count, and Roosevelt Franklin.  Clean condition - no crack.  Comes with original box.  Set is complete.
Item #FP Box 927
Price $149 SOLD
1989 Fisher Price Little People Deluxe Neighborhood #2551.    Seventeen pieces .  Deluxe playset is really two different homes that connect with a brown tree house with yellow door.   Automatic garage door opener, basketball set with tethered ball, swimming pool, upper deck with chute, pop-up trash can, and hinged skylight.  Yellow passenger car with front and back seat, one blue chair, two  single beds with teddy bear quilt, one double bed with imprinted quilt pattern, yellow ladder for the treehouse, light blue one piece bath set, yellow one-piece kitchen set, yellow round table with two brown chairs.  Red mom, blonde hair, blue dad, brown hair, green boy with black hair and red girl, blonde hair.  Complete Orignal Box.  No cracks. Accessories in original bag - never opened.   
Item #FP BOX 2551
Price $
175  SOLD
Fisher Price #929 Play Family Nursery School.  Nursery room with removable cardboard roof/playground, round litho craft table with four captains chairs, blue easel, and kitchen sink, stove, bathroom sink and commode, teeter-totter, green and yellow merry-go-around, slide, yellow mini school bus, driver, teacher, 2 boys, 2 girls.  Original box.
Item #FP Box 929
Price $56  SOLD
Fisher Price Play Family Jetport #2502 (1986-1989) The airport is clean, colorful litho with no cracks and all working pieces (gas pump on string, orange traffic arm, red dial that turns satellite dish, helicopter pad). Accessories included are the blue and yellow helicopter (hooks into pad and blades rotate when dial is turned), large white, orange and yellow jet , four captain chairs and 2 coffee tables, car, luggage cart, and fuel truck with gas pump--all of which hook together, two-seater car with space for luggage in back, one round, and one square. Also included are 6 people  Original Box.
Item #FP Box 2502

Price $
Play Family Farm #915 1968-1979 - Dark Green Base.   All wood blue dad and boy with yellow cowboy hat, yellow mom with white hair, and blue girl with freckles, white collar and red hair with ponytails.  Plastic animals with screws on there bellies, black horse with white mane, white and brown cow, white lamb, black pig with white ears, brown dog, white and red hen, red and black rooster,  tractor and cart, one red and the other yellow, white trough, red silo with brown door and white lid and mouse on litho, four piece white fence and harness. 
Item #FP Box 915A
Price $85  SOLD
Play Family Farm #915 1968-1979 FIRST VERSION  Masonsite Base All wood blue dad and boy with yellow cowboy hat, yellow mom with white hair, and blue girl with freckles, white collar and red hair with ponytails.  Plastic animals with screws on there bellies, black horse with white mane, white and brown cow, white lamb, black pig with white ears, brown dog, white and red hen, red and black rooster,  tractor and cart, one red and the other yellow, white trough, red silo with brown door and white lid and mouse on litho, four piece white fence and harness. 
Item #FP Box 915B
Price $
65  SOLD
Fisher Price Kitchen Set.  Range top stove - When you turn the knob, its coils glow red.  There's no heat , no batteries.  Timer that dings when turned.  Accessories included are
Item #FP Box
Price $3
Play Family Lift & Load #942.  1977-1979.  Depot with crank-operated bucker.  Roof top crane moves along track to shuttle cargo.  Crank makes clicking motor sound.  Dump truck, scoop loader, forklift, four pallets, two barrels, two gray and two tan crates,  yellow sling for crane, one black and two white workers with orange hard hates and scarves. Set in complete.   Original Box
ITEM #FP Box 942
  Play Family Car & Camper BOX  (#992) 1980-1984 Fifteen Piece Play set.  Red and white 4 wheel drive station  wagon with trailer camper that unfolds as pop-up tent.  Set includes green picnic table with steak litho and 2 benches, 2 green lounge chairs, yellow grill, container that  mounts onto camper, red trail bike, 4 seater boat, blue mom blonde hair, green dad bold, yellow boy red cap and red girl blonde hair. Complete.
ITEM #FPBox992
Price $75  SOLD
  Fisher Price #945 Play Family Offshore Cargo Base w Box. 1979-1980 Twenty-two piece playset.  Three interchangeable platforms.  Helicopter deck, docking location and crane base, pivoting turret crane, one square and other rectangle floating pontoons, tug boat and barge, helicopter with 945 heat stamped on side, two sets of chains with hooks on each and, yellow net, two corn bags, two sets of pipes, two crates, dark blue captain with hat and mustache, one white and one black worker with green body, both with yellow hard hats and scarves, and one red diver with mask. No insert.  Set is complete.  Very good condition. 
Items #FPBox945
Price $85 SOLD
Play Family House Boat (#985) BOX Set includes: Two life preservers, five figures (Captain, woman, girl, boy and dog).  table showing lobster and plates with sailboat, motif, two captain's chairs, BBQ grill, two deck loungers, and speed boat. Complete. Marks: 1972 Fisher Price Toys.  Excellent Condition.
ITEM #FPBox985
Price $85 SOLD
Play Family "A" Frame #993. BOX 1974-1976.  Picnic table w 2 benches. , two yellow chairs, two yellow chaise lounges, grill, three-rung ladder, four stackable bunk beds, mom, dad, boy, girl and dog and four passenger jeep.
Item #FPBox993

Price $75 SOLD
Little People Garage #2504.BOX  Two level garage with crank lift elevator, blue ramp and yellow plastic base.  Figures are girl w molded hair, black boy w black molded hair, and white boy with baseball cap.  Four one seater cars. Fire Hydrant, yellow pay phone, green movable gas pump, and grease rack.  
ITEM #FPBox2504
Price $50 SOLD
Play Family Circus Train (#991) Three piece train includes, engine with push button train whistle, lion cage,  and caboose, vinyl hook and eye connectors.  Animals are all vinyl and fully jointed, include giraffe, lion, elephant, monkey and bear.  Play figures are clown, train engineer and ringmaster 1973-80  Set is complete.  Box is worn.   Everything is in Excellent to Mint  Condition.   The animals and 2 figures come in the original bag.  Except for the Engineer.  Never played with. 
ITEM #FPBox991
45  SOLD
Play Family Castle (#993) 1974 Set includes:  Main castle, carriage and harness, two horses (black and brown), two thrones, two short chairs with crowns on the back, round table, double bed with crown, knight and horse armor, woodsman, King, Queen, Prince and Princess and a dragon. Set is complete.  Comes with original box and   Box has been taped in a couple of spots.--  normal wear.  VERY RARE  Brown cardboard box that fits inside the main box.  
ITEM #FPBox993
PRICE  $125
  Play Family Animal Circus #135 1974-1976.  Two Ladders with connectors, red hoop, trapeze, and blue platform , stand for ringmaster, short-bodied ringmaster, red/yellow clown, bear, monkey, elephant, lion, and giraffe.
Item #FPBox 135
Price $40 SOLD 
  Little People Playground (#2525) BOX 1986-1990 Set includes: green base with plane and horse attached to springs and slide, yellow and orange swing set and merry-go-round, blue climbing cube, orange boy brown hair and green girl blonde hair.  
ITEM #FPBox2525
Price $
Little People Pool (#2526) 1986-1989 Off white Base with built in pool.  Yellow or orange slide, green or orange lifeguard chair,  green/white or yellow/white diving board, yellow umbrella table,  yellow and orange lounge chairs, white life preserver, Grill, boy and girl figures with molded hair. Comes with original box. 
ITEM #FPBox2526
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